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MyPress GEN2 is the lightweight, portable and personal press designed machine which is from scratch in Colorado. If you are choosing this rosin press machine from the online store, then you can definitely get the custom 3 x 3 stainless steel axiom plates which also deliver the heat across the plates. This particular design of the press machine usually has an operator friendly and also easy to read LCD interface with the very simple button layout. By this way, it can able to easily set & apply the heat to the axiom plates in the stainless steel with the temperature ranging from 100 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degree to 121 degree Celsius.

1. Features of MyPress Gen2 heat press machine:

The following are the highly considering features of the MyPress Gen2 heat press machine such as,

  • This heat press machine in fact features the count up timer that halts counting if opened and resets from the count zero when closed again.
  • It also allows an operator to effectively monitor the entire process and fine tune the adjustments in order to realize the best yield or finer aromas.
  • This amazing functionality of this MyPress Gen2 heat press machine allows an operator to track and record the best starting material specific results for the later repetition.
  • It will also maximize the potential of the material and only requires a gentle application of the human force in order to close & lock the plates.
  • This best rosin press machine is highly capable of industry specific standards if utilizing the quality starting materials.


  • MyPress Gen2 heat press machine is easy to use and operates with only the minimal manual force necessary to lock and close the heated stainless steel plates.
  • It maximizes your yield and the temperature range of 37 degree to 121 degree Celsius or 100 degree to 250 degree Fahrenheit allows everyone to simply experiment using the press & record your notes for the future references.
  • It also offers an amazing temperature control digital interface.
  • MyPress Gen2 is the great choice for your DIY natural oil.
  • It has a sleek design for your comfortable use.
  • It operates only silently and needs only minimal effort to use.
  • This rosin press cheap machine is highly suitable for everyone.


It is designed for only the small projects and is not suitable for the biggest heat pressing applications.

2. Nugsmasher mini heat press machine:

Nugsmasher mini sized heat press machine is suitable for your travel and personal needs in order to make the highest quality flushless concentrate extractions. It is the mini smasher version extraction system that features two tons of the pressure and also 2.5 inch pressing plates. Ideally, it is suitable to press around 3.5 g of the material or less only.


The following are the most considerable features of this Nugsmasher mini heat press machine such as,

  • Dual heating elements
  • It heats up the material fast
  • Made out of the highly solid steel
  • Large 2.5 inch smash plates
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Fast retract plate release
  • Circuit protection
  • Manual pump arm
  • Guaranteed for life

This particular model of the heat press machine is specifically designed and also build by the skilled and experienced professionals in the 40k Sqft machine and fabrication workshop. There are huge numbers of the experienced fabricators, engineers, builders and designers available to manufacture this amazing product.


When you are considering the benefits of this Nugsmasher heat press machine in mini size, they include

  • It is the commercial grade heat press machine which is made out of the solid steel to give the fast heating process with the highly compact and portable unit.
  • It offers all inclusive plug & play personal heat press which is available for your DIY oil, flower and pollen for the natural concentrates.
  • This heat press machine can heat the large 2.5 press plates dual industrial heating elements along with the accurate temperature control.

If you are buying this heat press machine from the online store, you can definitely able to get the full time customer support and life time warranty to your product.


  • If you are looking for the best rosin press under 1000, it is somewhat difficult to use and you need to put more efforts to operate this press machine.
  • For the future references, it doesn’t have any feature to use.

As compared to these features, MyPress Gen2 heat press machine is always the best choice for you. It is easy to use and you require only minimal effort to operate this machine. At the same time for the future references, it has a special feature to press and record your notes. This is why it is always the best to use MyPress Gen2 heat press machine for all your projects.

3. Mophorn Hat Press machine:

Mophorn Hat Press machine is the 3.5 x 5.9 heat press machine which provides you the professional transfer hat press with 12000 hours life along with the 350 W temperature control and digital LCD timer. It possesses automatic time controller and also more accurate digital controller for the pressing requirements of the hats and caps. This particular element is made up of the solid block of the top grade aluminium. There is also a spring loaded cap tensioner which will make the single user operation in a simpler manner. It holds the flat cap against the lower platen in order to keep the cap from moving during the aligning transfers.

Features of Mophorn professional hat presser machine:

  • It includes the parameter worktable size of 3.5 x 5.9 inch, temperature range from 0 to 300 degree Celsius or up to 572 degree Fahrenheit and power is 350 W.
  • It is highly durable and includes a perfect heat resistance. This is why it is used with the cast aluminium heating plate which has the heat resistant and durable.
  • It saves more space and offers the extensive range of safety. This hat heat press machine includes the parallel arm handle with the ergonomic foam grip.
  • It can be able to use in the different applications such as letters, transfers, images on the cap, numbers on the cap, baseball hats and any other items.


  • It has the best heat resistance capacity and is highly durable to provide you the longer service life of up to 12,000 hours.
  • This hat heat press machine also includes the cast aluminium heating plate which will also provide you the best heat resistance and maximum durability.
  • Save more space and offers extensive range of safety.
  • LCD temperature control and timer.
  • Full range pressure adjustment knob – It is easy to access and includes the top mounted control.
  • Coated handle – There is a comfortable rubber grip available for the long production runs and also every day usage.


The operators of this machine should need to put more efforts to handle this machine. You should be very careful while handling this machine and you has to keep your hands only in the safe distance from the current heated element. This is why everyone is always willing to choose the MyPress Gen5 heat press machine for all the applications.

4. Dulytek DW4000 handwheel heat press machine:

Dulytek DW4000 heat press machine with the handwheel is absolutely the best choice for all of your necessary applications. It usually includes dual heat plates, 2.5 ton pressure, solventless and also the control panels. The particular amount of pressure can be easily achieved by turning a wheel that is conveniently located on the side of this press machine. With the help of the two ton pressing force, this specific model of the heat press machine is highly suitable for an individual user.

Features of Dulytek DW4000:

  • This press machine features 2 by 4 inches solid aluminium plates which give the even heat distribution throughout pressing process, a sturdy handle which makes the machine easy to move and life and two separate microprocessor controlled time panels and temperature.
  • The press from this machine usually comes with the 3 prong power cord along with the instruction manual to help the new operators.

This machine includes the maximum pressure of 5000 lb/2.5 ton, maximum temperature up to 750 degree Fahrenheit or 399 degree Celsius, heating plate size 4 x 2 inch or 100 x 50 mm, power is 500 W, current 4.5 A, weight up to 42 lb or 19 kg, voltage up to 110 V, dimensions of 45.5 x 25.5 x 25.5 cm or 17.9 x 10 x 10 inch. This product includes the certification of CE/RoHS and has the discreet packaging. 


  • This press machine includes the dual temperature control scale options for the 4 inch x 12 inch dual heating plates.
  • It is highly fun to operate this machine and quiet to operate by releasing only the lesser amount of noise.
  • There is no additional equipment required to make use of this machine and it can be operated independently.
  • Maximum pressure is generally holding in this machine only after every turning of the hand crank.
  • There is an ergonomic handle design in this press machine which allows the users to move and also use the press in a conveniently manner.
  • The suction cups available at the bottom of this machine grab it for the stable and strong hold on the desk or bench.
  • It will have the discreet packaging along with the bonus accessories enclosed and patent pending even though it is USA made.
  • This machine is the best rosin press under 500 with the proper certification for the professional use.


As this product contains 10 x 10 x 17.9 inches dimension, it will have more weight and littlebit tuff for the transportation. 

5. EPS TC 602 stainless steel automatic oil press machine:

EPS TC 602 is one of the leading brands of the oil press machine that has the capacity of 600 Watts power along with the necessary temperature control. It includes a sturdy metal body for the oil press requirements of the users. It is the most widely available rosin press for sale currently in the market.

Features of EPS TC 602:

When the buyers are considering the features of this top tier EPS TC 602 oil press machine, they include,

  • It is an amazing small machine that helps everyone to enhance the health and wealth of today’s human generation.
  • This EPS TC 602 oil press machine is using the unique and highly advanced technology and it also has a better capability to change the market scenario in a better way.
  • It is also the multifunctional home oil press machine for pressing the different items such as soybean, peanuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, walnuts, flax seeds, vegetable seeds, almond, mustard seeds, castor seeds and etc.
  • It includes an industry standard motor by which it can continue 24 hour working and also long life oil extracting based on the type of seeds you are using.


  • This oil press machine is very easy to clean, operate, move and also store.
  • EPS TC 602 machine is highly convenient which will also help everyone to make the oil any time and at any place as you desire.
  • With this residential use oil press machine, you can create the various kinds of the oil just at home as you want to press.
  • It has the capacity of pressing 4 to 8 kg of seeds per hour.
  • It can work non-stop 24 hours to press the seeds and extract the oil.
  • This machine occupies only a smaller amount of space and highly portable.


If you want to press more than 8 or 10 kg of seeds to get the excessive amount of oil within an hour, it will not be possible with this machine.

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